Main Contract for the Extension and Revitalisation for Pao Yue-Kong Library (HKPU)

The extension and revitalisation for the Pao Yue-Kong Library comprises the construction of an additional floor providing 2,080 m2 operational floor area of library space on top of the university library at 6/F, and revitalization of the existing floors of the library building with an affected area of about 14,600 m2 CFA which as covered by the structural steel roof. The revitalization works also provide all necessary building services and information technology installations in support of enhanced library services and various multi-media learning facilities in the library.

The project commenced in July 2020 and carried out in phases. The construction of the additional floor was completed in the 2nd quarter of 2022 while the revitalisation work of existing floors is close to completion.

The main challenge of this project is that the noise control has to be well implemented to minimize the disturbance to the library users because the library is maintained in regular services during the course of the construction. Also, the lifting of structural steel frames from street level to the roof is another difficult issue and it, indeed, is overcome.

The project is still in progress and set to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2023.