Main Contract Works for Proposed Demolition and Renovation Works for Flat Roof at 3/F, Paramount Building, No.12 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan for Blackbird Automotive Limited (The Dealer for Ferrari)

Chinney has completed the renovation works for the flat roof on 3/F of Paramount Building at No.12 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan (“The Project”) for Blackbird Automotive Limited (“BAL”).

The landscape works were designed by the TNJ Consultant Limited.  The Project is to create a garden space for BAL’s employees to rest and to socialize with their customers.  After removal of existing fit-out works, we built up 2 nos. of trellis : Trellis A for a gathering space with table and chairs and Trellis B for a green house for planting.  Large scale circular planters with automatic irrigation system, steel solid wall feature, raised floor for footpaths, wooden deck for seating areas and a large raised platform with structural steel support at below for exhibition of statue in future are the highlights.  Another significant feature is LED light strips installed at the recessed skirting of planters, which create romantic atmosphere fulfilling the garden area from each evening, especially along passages and planters.

The Project is located near the sea and each user inside the garden roof can enjoy the sea view and can feel the relaxation to release his / her stress after work.  The garden roof is also served as a green area in the Chai Wan industrial zone.

Completion Date: 11/2022