Main Contract for Peter Scott Field Studies Centre for Upgrading Mai Po Nature Reserve Infrastructure at Mai Po, San Tin, Yuen Long, New Territories

Chinney is very exciting to be awarded an amazing project from World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong (“WWF”), which is the Peter Scott Field Studies Centre (“The Centre”) in village outside Mai Po Nature Reserve. It provides studies centre with multipurpose indoor spaces as well as a 9-room hostel with dining area, all for researchers and public visitors including bird watchers.

To facilitate WWF’s goal to develop the Reserve into the premier goal and reginal hub for wetland ecology and conservation research, Chinney has constructed The Centre all in accordance with the Architect’s design. The special features in E&M works includes the pressurization system in staircases and an external soak away pit.

Due to the location of The Centre, i.e. very near Mai Po Nature Reserve and it’s surrounding area of Gei Wai, freshwater ponds, inter-tidal mudflats, mangroves, reed beds, etc., Chinney has performed it’s extreme best effort and special care to protect the environment and to minimize any adverse impacts to the surrounding, especially for fishes, birds, bats, etc., all during it’s  construction period. These special controls in construction activities include:

  1. Additional surface channels around site boundaries with drainage system (to prevent from waste water into freshwater ponds);
  2. Noise barriers with high acoustic performance erected around the Site (to minimize the transmission of construction noise to surrounding);
  3. Late commencement of noisy works in the morning and early knocking off, at each working day during construction period (to match with birds’ living style, especially for migratory birds);
  4. Temporarily relocation of 7 nos. small wooden houses for bats (“Houses”) far away from the source of construction noise to other trees within the Site (to reduce the unnecessary disturbance to the animal who is living within the Site).

For this project, Chinney’s construction activities have extended to respect and protect animal’s rights, especially reflected in bats moving back to Houses which were subsequently put back to the original position after the completion of The Centre. From Chinese tradition, bats coming have the meaning equal to two Chinese characters of “蝠到” (same pronunciation of another two Chinese characters of “福到”). “福到” are translated into English representing “good luck to …”. Of course, good luck to Peter Scott Field Studies Centre as well as Chinney Construction Co., Ltd.

Finally, The Centre is also awarded of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) (Certificate of Merit) with various green building features.

Completion Date: 07 / 2023