Chinney Construction Group

Chinney Construction Co., Ltd. and Chinney Builders Co., Ltd. (both referred to as Chinney) are reputable general building contractors specialized in the construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings as well as public works projects (building works, fitting out works, A&A and maintenance works) in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

Chinney is a subsidiary of Chinney Alliance Group Ltd., all under Chinney Construction Group.

Chinney Construction Group’s main business is related to building construction, A&A and maintenance works, fitting out works, foundation construction, ground investigation field works, curtain wall & windows specialist and various building services works.

Chinney Construction Group’s building services works include the supply and installation of various building services and equipment (electrical installation, fire services installation, water pump installation, extra low voltage system engineering, plumbing and drainage installation, environmental engineering, telecom wiring installation, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning installation and trading of E&M engineering materials and equipment, and providing other civil engineering and architectural products).