Environmental Protection

Chinney Construction Company Limited strive to promote sustainable policies through resources conversation, pollution control, carbon footprint reduction, neighborhood consideration. These efforts will be supported and certified by strict adherence to international management systems, namely ISO14001 environmental management and ISO50001 energy management standards.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Performance

Air Emission Control


Use ULSD for all diesel-operated plants and machineries to reduce the sulphur dioxide emission;


Regular checks and maintenance of the construction plants to improve the efficiency.

Energy Saving And Greenhouse Gas Emission


Install LED lights at construction sites and offices in replacement of less energy efficient models.


Adopt Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) that is more environmentally friendly and efficient at construction sites.

Waste Management


Allocate on-site waste sorting area at each project site to properly segregate the inert waste and non-inert waste from site work.


Adopt precast or prefabricated building components and reuse metal formwork for temporary works to reduce the onsite material consumption and waste generation.

Water Use And Wastewater Treatment


Collect and recycle rainwater for daily irrigation and vehicle wheel washing to reduce fresh water consumption.